You know all those emails we get – some funny, remarkable pictures, cute animals, videos, etc – well for us, they all get placed in a folder in our email.  BUT why not pull the collection together so they are easy to get to.  Well that’s what we are doing here.

We have selected some amazing pictures that are just too good to loose, engineering feats and wonderful architecture from around the world.  Nature at it’s worst and it’s most beautiful.

You have probably seen some of them before. Even so, we enjoy revisiting them, hope you do to.  Who knows, some could even be fake or photoshopped ……


There could be some items with a political, racial or perhaps religious connotation, we have done our best to categorise them as such.  We have also tried to keep the profanity to a minimum, but with some items you really have to leave it in to fully appreciate the joke or whatever.  So if you don’t like them or are offended by the content, please just skip over them.


Thank you one and all for the emails – keep them coming.

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7 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thanks – family and friends are loving it, saves the email forwarding to so many, and incredible to see people from around the world dropping in from time to time. Wonderful to see you here, hope some of the items give you a chuckle and I find the art amazing and inspiring. Enjoy ….. Cheers

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