Digital Dead Man’s Switch

Interesting term Dead Man’s Switch but I’d never heard it referred to in relation to the digital world. As they say, you learn something new every day.

Have you ever considered your ‘digital estate’ and what happens if you pass away? I certainly hadn’t and considering the accounts we have; like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, music, images, videos, cloud accounts, websites, blogs, and so it goes on and on ….. guess it is something to think about. Is there anything I want someone else to have access to after I’m gone? Wow, what a thing to think about……

We know we should all have a will in place, but I would never have thought to cater for my digital world.  And maybe it does not have to be formalised. There are processes in place in some of the companies to assist, together with websites that cater for such things.

An interesting article was published by PC World about your ‘digital estate’ called “Designing your digital legacy“, I found interesting (worth the time reading).

Wow – did you know that if you wish someone to have access to your Twitter account after you pass away “Twitter needs your username and a copy of your death certificate, along with a signed statement from your loved one explaining who they are, how they know you, proof that the Twitter account belonged to you (if your username doesn’t match your real name), and a copy of a government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license) that proves their identity. They then have to fax or mail all of that to Twitter—the appropriate address and fax number are both on the page for the Twitter Help Center.” (as noted in the above article 2013). I’m sure they will streamline it over time, as will other social networking sites and the like.

Well, one more thing on my ever growing to-do-list.



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